In different Universes

Carina Santos is a Brazilian advertising executive who lives in the United States. Like many people, she is far from having a good relationship with her boss. At least Sarah’s friendship and Taylor’s presence relieve the tension in the agency where they work.

Out of office, Carina invests in her passion for the TV show Aries—also the name of the character she admires—by the famous producer Mark Simon.

Everything changes when she wakes up in Erigi, the headquarters of the Gold Kingdom, after an accident in her attic.

The show’s universe couldn’t be more real, and while she dazzles herself, Carina discovers that the kingdom is at war and her marketing skills can help restore peace.

But the charm of the traitor son of the Gold Queen, Aries, the realm’s cruelty, and the constant threat, can bring adversity on Carina’s journey—while she struggles to distinguish fiction from reality.

Amid these universes, Carina divides herself up. She will need to learn a little more about who she is to decide where she belongs.